If you look at the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, chefs, speakers etc. etc. they all have one thing in common. They all had mentors and coaches! They all had people that they learnt from. Why? Because they recognised and realised that in order to get to the next level in their career; the next level in their life and one step closer to achieving their goals and dreams, they needed to learn from someone that had already completed the level they are trying to reach next.

And I want to take you to YOUR next level!

Hey! My name is Chris and I am obsessed with Social Media, Pinterest, Online Marketing & teaching others how to use its power to turn their passions into fully formed businesses, and create the life they have always wanted.

As part of my mission to help people achieve a life of freedom, gain more success in their business and escape the 9-5 rat race, I am offering FREE 30-Minute Pinterest Coaching Calls! I want to teach you the methods that they led to me growing my Pinterest account to 200k Monthly Viewers! I want to teach you the methods that led to results just like the ones pictured below! (That is my stats for just the month of July!)

pinterest results | chrisryankingston

I have been able to turn my Pinterest account into a way for me to make an online income and allow me to live life on my own terms! (psst…I am writing this right now whilst sat in bed, sipping on my coffee)

I know how monotonous it can be to spend hours and hours crawling through Google and Youtube, looking at endless articles and videos, hoping to find that secret sauce, and guess what? You will find it! but at the expense of months and months of self learning…

I taught myself how to use Pinterest when I just started out and I could never get my traffic to grow or my viewers to rise. I was stuck at 10k monthly viewers for months and months, and it wasn’t until I invested in my learning and bought a course and learnt from someone that had achieved the success that I wanted. And most importantly, someone that knew the secret sauce!

So, let’s hop on a call! I have created a form below where you can fill out your details and send them to me. Once I receive them, I shall get in touch and give you a schedule where you can book in your FREE 30-Minute Pinterest Coaching Call for a time that suits you best.

I can’t wait to speak with you!

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