How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog! 2019 Strategies!

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So, in today’s blog post, I am going to be talking about how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog! The traffic building strategies that I am going to discuss are all updated for 2019 meaning they will work, as long as you put in the effort and the work!

There are two strategies that I am going to be showing you. The first involves finding relevant content on Pinterest that is in your niche and is already proven to be popular. The second is through affiliate marketing and promotion.

#1 Creating Content That Is Proven To Be Popular

Here on my blog, I like to write mostly about Pinterest and how it can help your blog, make you money and gain you a large online following, so when I use this method, I am going to be searching for “Pinterest” related content.

The best way to find content that is already proven to be popular is to search within Pinterest for a search term related to your niche. Let’s say that your blog niche is all about saving money and financial advice. You can go to the Pinterest search bar and write “save money” and it will generate a list of results that are all related to that search query. Have a look a the screenshot below

As you can see, it shows pins that are related to what you searched. I have chosen a pin from the results below and included a screenshot showing that this pin received 6000 re-pins!

I would say that the pin above is a success and is popular content, therefore driving a lot of traffic to that user’s website. Content that has a lot of re-pins shows us that it is popular amongst the people of Pinterest, therefore if we create content that is similar to this (or the same content but a new and improved version) we should be able to achieve success, right? Of course! I have used this method time and time again, so give it a try…I am sure it will pay off for you!

#2 Affiliate Marketing & Promotion

This next method involves affiliate marketing & promotion of products and services. If you are not sure what affiliate marketing is..then let me explain it to you. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service and receive a commission for each sale that is made through your link. For example, one of my favourite products that I promote is this Pinterest eBook that teaches you how to grow on Pinterest and use it to make money. It also has an affiliate program that pays you 30% commissions on every sale! If you want to learn more about it, just click the image below!

When it comes to using Affiliate Marketing & Promotion on Pinterest to grow your traffic, it lies in creating content around the offer, rather than linking your pin directly to your affiliate link. Why should I do this? Because it not only allows you to give more information on the affiliate offer, but it increases your website traffic and the visibility of your website adverts. This means that even if someone does not decide to purchase the affiliate offer, you still receive some form of income from ad revenue. A good example of using your website to showcase more information on an affiliate offer is the blog post that I created for the eBook that I mentioned above. The blog post does include affiliate links and the purpose of my telling you this isn’t to sell you on the product, it is simply because it is a good example and an example that I own.

If you want to view the blog post, you can do so here

So, that is two ways that you can use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic. Make sure to give them a go and if you want any more valuable information on Pinterest, be sure to have a look at my other blog posts!

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