How I Doubled My Pinterest Viewers In Just 13 Days! Find Out How...

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So, in today’s blog post, I am going to tell you the exact things I did to DOUBLE my Pinterest monthly viewers in just 13 DAYS! I was able to take my account…

…from 19,403 monthly viewers…

…to 41,630 monthly viewers!

The way I did this is so so simple and it really shows that anyone can achieve results with Pinterest is know the steps to do so! The key thing that I did to achieve this was:

  • Creating batches of pins linking to blog posts and testing which ones performed the best to find out the winning designs

I am going to discuss this in more depth below. But first, if you are not already following me on social, let’s connect!

Creating & Testing Different Pins

I already had some blog posts uploaded to my blog so I took advantage of this and I chose to make 5 (sometimes more) different variations of pins for each blog post. I then created titles and pin descriptions for each one. I made sure to include keywords in both my titles and descriptions, as Pinterest is a search engine after all! (so remember, keywords and SEO are important here on Pinterest).

After that, I pinned each pin to around 10 different group boards that I am a contributor for. This really helped me get some initial eyeballs on my pins and some initial re-pins. Now, because I made multiple variations, I was able to see which ones performed and which ones I could write off as “fails”. The pins that got over 10 clicks within the first 24 hours, I deemed as successful, so I decided to focus my pinning on those pins and every day, I would pin them to more group boards, and this would lead to more exposure for them. You can see below that the pins that I decided were successful are still performing today and getting exposure and clicks.

Now, these pins are by no means going to “blow my account up” or are deemed as “viral pins” but they are the reason that my account doubled in views and in such a short period of time- just 13 days.

There are other factors that come into this such as the fact I was re-pinning a lot of other peoples pins to my relevant boards and also finding and producing content that people would want to see, but for the most part, the physical testing of pins to find out what people want to see and what will results in the most impressions, pins and clicks, I believe is the reason to such as increase in such a short period.

If you look at where things are right now (10th June 2019) I just uploaded a pin less than 48 hours ago, and this is the results that it has…

…pretty good for a Pinterest account that was on less than 20k viewers 13 days ago! This pin alone sent hundreds of people to my website aswell which meant I was able to get traffic to my blog posts, my affiliate links and my ads.

So, I hope this blog post was helpful to you and that you are going to take away one thing…that testing your pins and creating variations is one of the best things you can do to grow your account!

I will catch you in the next one!…


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