7 Pinterest Strategies/Tips/Methods That Will Increase Your Viewers By 100k!

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So, in today’s blog post, I am going to be discussing 7 Pinterest Strategies/Tips/Methods That Will Increase Your Viewers By 100k! They are really simple to implement and have resulted in over 110k (as of 21/8/19 I am now on 185k!) Pinterest viewers for my Pinterest Account at the time of writing this post!

#1 Create Visually Great Looking Pins!

Your pins = traffic and without good looking pins, Pinterest users are not going to click on them and you are not going to get traffic to your website. It took me some time and a lot of testing to finally start getting consistent results with my pins and find a style that works for me. The best tips I have for pin designing, is to choose bright images as backgrounds, add a grey overlay on top to give something to make the text standout and use short snappy titles that grab peoples attention. If you struggle with choosing good titles, then just have a look at others peoples titles for inspiration (but do not copy them!) I have included some examples below of my highest performing pin designs.

7 (3).png
7 (1).png

#2 Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media network, therefore SEO (search engine optimisation) really does matter when it comes to your Pinterest account. Make sure that wherever possible you are using SEO. Some key areas to make sure are optimised for the search engine include:

  • Pin Titles

  • Pin Descriptions

  • Board Names

  • Board Descriptions

  • Pinterest Name

Have a look through each of these sections and make sure they include high quality and relevant keywords to the content you are posting and the keywords and topics you want to target.

#3 Forget The 80/20 Rule And Pin 90-95% Of Your Own Content

So many Pinterest Experts tell you to pin 20% of your own content and 80% of other peoples content. Why? I honestly do not know, because the second I started pinning between 90-90% of my own content, my traffic increased, my monthly viewers shot through the roof and everything just got better! Think about it, if you are pinning more of your own content, then you are the one getting the traffic and you are the one getting results. Yes, it is nice to pin other peoples content and support other creators, but 10% of your total daily pins are enough for that.

#4 Join Group Boards..A Lot Of Them!

Group boards on Pinterest are your best friend! They are a way for your to put your pins in front of thousands and hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of Pinterest users without those users having to follow you. You can pin your pins to that board and the people that follow that board have a chance of seeing your content. This is a sure fire way to boost your Pinterest viewers and is one of the key ways I was able to increase mine by 100k.

#5 Use This SEO Trick For Writing Pin Descriptions

If you struggle to create pin descriptions and make them SEO friendly, then this tip is for you! If you are uploading a new pin about instagram, you can go to the Pinterest search bar and type in the keyword instagram. If you refer to the screenshot below, you can see that it gives you related keywords just below the search bar.

Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 18.39.48.png

What you need to do here, is to copy those keywords and paste them into the pin description. But hold on! we are not done just yet. You want to make a description using all those keywords, so reorder them and create sentences that they fit into. This will mean that you have a keyword rich and SEO friendly pin description. Combine this with a great pin image and a catchy title, and you have a potential winning pin!

#6 Make 3 Pins For Every New Blog Post You Publish

Testing your pins is a must when it comes to growing on Pinterest. You need to find out the style that suits your account best and also the style that brings in the most results. The way I make sure that I am always testing and improving my pins, is to create 3 pins for every new blog post that I publish. This means I can test to see which pin is the most performing and which one is getting the most traffic to that post and to my website. Some things you can test for with your pins include:

  • Pin Title

  • Pin Descriptions

  • Pin Image Text

  • Pin Image Background Imagery

  • Pin Image Colour

#7 Be Consistent And Pin Every.Single.Day!

The last and final tip I have for you is to be consistent with your pinning and pin every single day! If you do this, you WILL see results each day and growth of your viewers and engagers. With anything in life, if you are consistent and stick with it, it will pay off!

So, I hope this blog post was helpful to you and that you are going to take away one thing…to apply all these tips properly and be consistent with them!

I will catch you in the next one!…


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